Elements of Craft - Teleseminar

The Elements of Craft will examine the specific tools that every fiction writer must master. Two teleseminars each month will focus on one technique. This seminar is open to beginners ready for exploration and to more experienced writers wishing to strengthen and polish their skills.

First Seminar of the Month includes a short lecture relating to the topic of the month (i.e. Conversational Dialogue, Endings), a group discussion of the reading assignment, and an explanation of a writing exercise to be prepared for the following session. Reading assignments will illustrate successful writing techniques and writing exercises will put those techniques into practice.

Please Note:
Writer’s Wordhouse forms classes on a regular basis.  If you don’t see a time that meets your schedule, please let us know.  As soon as the class is filled we begin.  Seminars accept a limited number of students, so it is best to express your interest early.  Expressing an interest in a course does not financially obligate you.

To indicate your interest or for further information contact:  info@writerswordhouse.com or click contact.

(six sessions, three months)
Seminar 1 and 2 - Discovering the Idea
How to identify good ideas and translate them into stories.
Seminar 3 and 4 - What is Literary Fiction?
Discussion of language including metaphor, image, and avoiding cliché.
Seminar 5 and 6 - Finding Your Style
Discussion of voice, tone, and narrative point of view.

(six sessions, three months)
Seminar 1 and 2 - First Attacks

How to grab the reader's attention from the first sentence.
Seminar 3 and 4 - Plot
How to manage your plot.  Discussion of plot possibilities.
Seminar 5 and 6 - Realistic Characters
How to create distinctive and believable characters.

(six sessions, three months)
Seminar 1 and 2 - Conversational Dialogue
What makes dialogue ring true?
Seminar 3 and 4 - The Difficult Middle
How to keep your story from lagging.  Discussion of developmental techniques.
Seminar 4 and 5 - Endings
Creating satisfying endings that resonate.

Wednesdays, 7:30 p.m. - 8:45 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

Block I. GETTING STARTED begins soon!
Two 75 minute sessions per month.

Class Size
Limited to six

Class Requirements

Cost and Registration
$119 per month (requires a three-month commitment)

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