What workshops do we offer?

Lynn Schwartz teaches life stories, fiction and creative journaling for adults and middle schoolers at a variety of locations in the Annapolis area. In addition, she offers private writing instruction and teleseminars.

What is a teleseminar?

A teleseminar is a seminar conducted over the telephone. As a conference call, this format allows you to expand your artistry comfortably from your home or office. All you need is a telephone.

To try the teleseminar experience, try our FREE teleseminar.

How is the teleseminar different from other online courses?

Teleseminars are live. Some courses over the Internet provide neither live feedback nor an on-the-spot opportunity to exchange ideas with your instructor and classmates.

Where do I call?

Our courses are conducted over a bridge line. As with a conference call, which hosts many callers, you simply need to call in to a specified phone number at the designated time. The bridge line number and access code will be provided after you enroll.

Can I express an interest in a course before the dates are announced?

Since Writer’s Wordhouse is a new enterprise, some seminar dates will be announced after we are reasonably confident that we can fill the course. Writing seminars accept a limited number of students, so it is best to express your interest early and reserve a spot. You can do this by contacting: info@writerswordhouse.com

What if I express an interest in a course, but ultimately the announced dates do not work for me?

Expressing an interest in a course does not financially obligate you. Because we want you to be sure the seminar dates are convenient for your schedule, payment will only be required after the seminar dates are announced.

What is the experience and writing level of the students?

Writer's Wordhouse is attracting all kinds of students those who are beginning writers; those who have writing experience, but want to improve their work; and those who do not intend to write, but who want to become better readers.

Who are the students and where are they from?

Writer's Wordhouse welcomes students of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. Our students, literally 18-85, pursue all kinds of endeavors college students, professionals, stay-at-home moms, retirees, and career changers. To date, students have called in from Maryland, New York, Virginia, California, and Oregon. The common trait among all participants is an enthusiasm for the written word and a desire to be part of a community of creative spirits.

How much of a commitment is required?

Because our classes are small, it is important that each student participate. The amount of writing required varies with each seminar. Some courses have no assignments while others accept large chunks of works-in-progress. Read the course description, or for further questions contact: info@writerswordhouse.com

What if I miss a class?

All of our courses are recorded so that if you need to miss a class you may listen to the recording at your leisure. There are no refunds for missed classes.

Do I need to be a writer to take a book discussion seminar?

No. Book discussions welcome those who are readers, and writers wishing to examine the components of a good novel. These seminars are also recommended for book clubs that would like the opportunity to deepen their discussions.

Why are the writing seminars kept so small?

Courses are limited in size to create an intimate and friendly setting. Compared to writing classes offered elsewhere, our writing seminars are unusually small; we believe small groups promote encouragement and provide the best individual progress.

What kind of criticism can I expect to receive in a writing seminar?

The purpose of all of our courses is to improve the student's writing. The seminar's function is not to judge, but to provide a forum for guidance and possibility in a supportive, collegial environment. We critique without judgment, encourage without lavish praise, and make concrete suggestions. Constructive criticism is always specific and text-driven.

To have your questions answered, or for further information contact: info@writerswordhouse.com

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